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Emporiki Xylokastro
Theodoropoulos Vasilios - Countryside Items - Seasonal Items - Gift Items - Haberdashery - Household Items - Melissi Corinthia


Emporiki Xylokastro, based in Melissi Corinthia, is a beloved name in the field of trade, with a long history that began in 1987 by Mr. Theodoropoulos Konstantinos. It is a true family business, which from the first moment of its establishment has focused on the import, representation and marketing of wholesale goods in the tourist goods sectors.

From 1987 until 2008, the company served its customers through the importation and representation of products related to tourism, as well as items related to the summer sector. Another important step was taken in 2008, when the retail store was created, offering the residents of the area the possibility to choose their products directly.

In 2013, the business passed into new hands, with Mr. Theodoropoulos Vasilios together with the help of his brother Manthos Theodoropoulos, taking over the administration and continuing the tradition. In the next phase of its development, Emporiki Xylokastro expanded into more areas, offering a wide range of products, such as prints and embroidery, country goods, seasonal goods, gifts, haberdashery and household goods.


With its commitment to quality, customer service and its many years of experience, Emporiki Xylokastro has managed to establish itself in the field of trade and serve the needs of its customers successfully. With its family character and continuous development, it is a real example of a successful Greek business that combines tradition with innovation.